BT-1021  Bluetooth Flash Module
Datasheet Manual
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BT-1021 and BT-1022 are well-designed class1 and class2 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR Modules. They are built-in flash with specific Bluetooth protocol stack such as Serial Port Profile (SPP) which can be used as an cable replacement solution. The module has UART and USB interfaces with which a host can connect.  Atechoem also provide a flexible AT-Commands to allow developers command modules to different communication.

  • BT v2.1+EDR Class 1/2 CSR BC04-External Flash Module
  • Transmission Rates: Up to 3Mbps
  • Tx Power: +15/+4dBm; Rx Sensitivity: -84/-80dBm
  • Profile Supports: SPP / HCI
  • Digital Input/Output: UART / USB / PCM
  • Dimensions: 21.8 x 15 x 2.2 mm