BM-4188A  BT4.0 Class1 Dual Mode HCI-UART Module
Datasheet Manual
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BM-4188A is designed for applications where a host processor is capable of running the Bluetooth software stack. It only implements Bluetooth HCI accessed by the Bluetooth software stack on a host. It supports Bluetooth v4.0 Dual-mode standard. A host can connect to BM-4188A with UART interface.

The dual mode radio enables it to connect to the billions of Bluetooth products already in the market, as well as a new generation of Bluetooth low energy devices/sensors. It can be used in equipments like a handheld PND/terminal, automotive, medical/sports/fitness host devices or low cost phones.

  • CSR8811 Chip
  • Bluetooth v4.0+HS Class1 UART Module
  • BT v4.0 Dual-mode / Bluetooth low energy
  • Compliant with BT v2.1 EDR/ v3.0
  • Transmission Rates: Up to 3Mbps
  • Tx Power: >14dBm; Rx Sensitivity: -80dBm
  • High speed UART interface
  • Audio PCM/I2S support
  • 802.11 co-existence support
  • Piconet and Scatternet Support
  • Dimension: 21 x 13 x 2.2mm